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Mother’s Day Card Ideas for Kids

Here are some of the Mother’s Day cards that my girls made for me and their grandmothers this year.  Maybe they can provide some inspiration for future budding artists.  I thought they came up with some clever ideas and I’m sure they also gleaned some ideas from Pinterest. I thought we would share them with you, as they can easily be adapted for just about any occasion.

Cool Moms let you lick the beater!

Peyton spied this idea on Etsy and made her own beater from aluminum foil.

Presley made me flamingos (my favorite birds) with the caption, “Always looking up to my loving Mama.”  How sweet!


I love you a “hole” lot!

In case you can’t make this one out on its busy background, Peyton made a chocolate covered doughnut and a doughnut hole with the caption, “I love you a ‘hole’ lot” for her Nana.

Presley made this one with Shamrocks made out of hearts for her Nana.  “I’m so lucky to have a Nana like you!”

Mother’s Day wish on a dandelion

Presley made this one for my mom, whom she calls Boobush (it’s her toddler pronounciation of the Polish word for grandmother, “babusia”).  She made the dandelion fluff with circles cut out using a hole punch.

“Ha-Pea” Mother’s Day

Peyton loved the idea of this play on words, then made herself and her Boobush into 2 peas in a pod.

“MOM” written in flowers

I got this idea from a TV ad for Mother’s Day cards.  It’s a little difficult to read, but my mom loves flowers so it was perfect for her.

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 2.30.09 PM


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Mother’s Day 2017


I hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day.  We certainly did.  My girls made me some lovely Mother’s Day cards that I’m sure took them a great deal of time and effort.  They also made some original cards for both of their grandmothers.

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 2.30.09 PM

My sister came to visit from South Carolina so it was a very special Mother’s Day for our mom since she had both of us to share it with.  We celebrated with a Mother’s Day brunch complete with Virgin Bloody Marys that I think tasted better than the traditional version. You’ll never guess the secret ingredient!  But I’ll get to that a little bit later.  We sat on Mom’s back patio and drank our beautiful Bloody Marys while watching the Little Red River flow by.  What a peaceful way to spend the holiday.  My sister made a delicious quiche with spinach, ham, and mushrooms and  a fruit salad.  We figured out how to make crispy hash browns on a sheet tray in the oven.  They came out wonderfully crisp and no one had to stand over the pan watching them.  BONUS! (Check back throughout the week, as I will be sharing some of these recipes.)

Mother’s Day Menu 2017IMG_6193.jpg

Spinach, mushroom, and ham quiche

Crispy oven-baked hash browns

Oven-roasted breakfast sausages

Fresh fruit Salad

Virgin Bloody Marys


After brunch we took some family photos. My sister and I are so grateful that Mom is doing so well after her ordeal in the hospital in Tucson just over a month ago.  We hope we have many more Mother’s Day’s to share together.