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Wellness Wednesday: August oil of the month: Lavender Flower CO2

Plant Therapy, the essential oil company that I promote, always picks one essential oil to highlight each month and this month it is Lavender Flower CO2.  If you select the previous link you can read their blog post on this unique oil.  Apparently it has a crisper and cleaner aroma than steam distilled lavender (which is what I’ve always used) due to lower temperatures used for CO2 extraction.  This retains more of the beneficial properties of the plant allowing for stronger calming and relaxing effects on our emotional well-being.  I personally can’t wait to try a stronger/better version of one of my favorite Essential Oils.

If you click the link they also share this formula for a Multi purpose blend that can be used on blemishes, bug bites, minor scrapes and sore muscles!

3 drops of Lavender Flower CO2 Lavandula angustifolia
2 drops of Chamomile Roman  Chamamelum nobile
2 drops of  Bergamot Citrus bergamia
2 drops of Cedarwood Atlas Cedrus atlantica
10 ml of carrier oil or Aloe Vera Jelly

If you mix it with a carrier oil such as coconut oil, then this will fit perfectly into a roller bottle.  I carry a similar blend in my purse for cuts, scrapes, and bug bites on-the-go!  If you use the aloe jelly, a jar or tiny squeeze bottle would work better.
If you would like to learn more about or purchase this or any other essential oil, please feel free to contact me, either in the comment section here, or on my “Yes, there will be pancakes” Facebook page, or at