The First Day of School 2017

We always take a picture of the girls on the first day of school and of course like everyone else those photos are immediately posted to social media. This year as I posted the photo, I started thinking about all those previous pictures (right back to Presley’s first day of preschool). On any given day, the time capsule feature on my social media account will share memories of that day from previous years. The problem is that the first day of school occurs on a different date each year. I thought it would be fun to look at all those “first day” photos together and share them with you. I can’t believe how quickly the time has passed from babies to little girls to young ladies. I keep telling them to stop growing up so fast but they won’t listen! I’m sure ALL parents feel the same way.

Here are Presley’s first three years of preschool.  Of course these are solo photos since her sister had just been born prior to the 2008-09 school year.

As of 2011 the girls both started school (preschool for Peyton and kindergarten for Presley.


img_1749As of 2013 Peyton joined her sister at the Elementary school as she started kindergarten and Presley was in 2nd grade.


They had 2 glorious years together before Presley moved on to the Middle School for 4th grade in 2015.

This year they are together again for Peyton’s first year of Middle School (4th grade) and Presley’s last year of Middle School (6th grade).