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One Pork Roast 3 Meals

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In all the excitement of the upcoming holiday weekend, I forgot to share the photos with you of our wonderful pork roast meals last week.  As I posted last Monday,  we cooked a Lemon-pepper pork tenderloin roast on Monday and served it with baby roasted potatoes and green beans.  It was delicious! IMG_0522.jpg

On Tuesday we used the leftover pork to make Cuban sandwiches.  Layers of sliced pork, ham, Swiss cheese, and dill pickle slices on a Ciabatta roll spread with mustard.  We used my antique iron to press the sandwich in a hot greased skillet.  It worked great.

Potato chips made in the microwave and seasoned with french fry seasoning were the perfect complement.

I felt like I was eating in a restaurant in Miami or Tampa (it was that good).  We will definitely make these again.  The girls scarfed them up!

By Wednesday there was just a tiny bit of the roast left, but I used it, as well as the other leftover Cuban sandwich ingredients to make a Cuban Chef’s Salad, complete with pickles and Yellow Mustard Vinaigrette.  Notice the vivid yellow salad dressing.  It makes quite the statement.  I also had some leftover avocado which I added to the salad at the last minute which I think enriched the flavor of the Mustard Vinaigrette.

Yellow Mustard Vinaigrette
2 tsp yellow mustard
6 Tbsp canola/olive oil
3 Tbsp white wine vinegar
1 small grated garlic clove

Place all ingredients in a small jar and shake to incorporate.  I actually made mine in a nearly empty squeeze mustard bottle so I didn’t have to measure the mustard.  This recipe is also great with Dijon or coarse ground mustard and different types of vinegar.  Feel free to experiment.