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Jewelry Mess to Jewelry Success

My sister-in-law, Katie, sent me some amazing photos of her re-organized closet and jewelry areas and I thought it would make a great post.  I asked her for a guest posting and here it is.  I hope you are as inspired by her ideas as I was!  Thanks Katie

As the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year started barreling down on me, I decided I needed to get my clothes and jewelry organized. I spent a day organizing my shoes (an embarrassing number of pairs of shoes), and my scarves (again, an embarrassing amount). Then I started to do some research on how to organize my jewelry in a way that I could easily access and use my pieces.  I logged on to Pinterest, where I found a great idea that required a curtain rod and shower curtain hooks.

I headed out to Target, where I found a perfect curtain rod, and some interesting shower curtain hooks that would hold necklaces. I had also found a super cute turquoise necklace holder while my mom and I were scouring antique stores recently.

My jewelry was beginning to resemble a large ball-shaped mess, so I spent some time separating out all of my necklaces, bracelets, and other random things that had accumulated over the two years since we moved into our current house.

Then, I began organizing what was short enough to go on the turquoise necklace holder, and what needed to be hung from the curtain rod. I organized all of my bracelets into a basket, and my rings went on the tray of the turquoise necklace holder. I was able to put all my earrings in a top dresser drawer in a pretty box.
My finished product looks a little better now, as my husband evened out each side to make sure the curtain rod was even all the way across.

I have to admit, getting dressed in the morning is so much easier when I am able to see all of my jewelry in an easy to access place!


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