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Presley’s Jewelry Box Project 

Due to the “The Great Ear Piercing Event of 2017,” (see previous post here) Presley and I thought that a jewelry box would be great birthday present for Peyton this year. We started our search several weeks before Peyton’s birthday and we were very disappointed in what we found. Everything was either too small, too expensive, or too ugly. We didn’t know what to do. We finally visited our local craft store to see if there was something we could make for her. We found an unfinished wooden box with 4 drawers that was about 12″ x 6″ x 6″.

We removed the drawers and painted the base green (her favorite color), then added two coats of clear sealant for protection.

We removed the hardware from the drawers.

And covered each drawer with a different but complimentary colored/patterned washi tape.

Then we re-opened the holes for the hardware with a bamboo skewer.

We painted the drawers with 2 coats of clear sealant, then reattached the hardware. Here’s a finished drawer.

Next, we cut “peel and stick” felt to line the inside of the drawers.

And the bottom of the jewelry box so it wouldn’t scratch the top of Peyton’s dresser.

We also cut slits in a piece of foam with a box cutter to make a custom ring holder in one drawer.

The final step was to make a personalized tag for the back of the jewelry box which we printed on our computer, attached with Mod Podge, and covered with 2 coats of clear sealant.

We were pretty proud of our finished product and Peyton was overjoyed with her new jewelry box.

She was also almost brought to tears by the news that her sister had made it especially for her.


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