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Getting our ears pierced, finally!

Presley has been after me for a few years to let her get her ears pierced, but I have been hesitant because of the amount of care that pierced ears require. After all I still have to ask her if she remembered to brush her teeth, this would just be one more thing I’d have to worry about.   This January I decided that she was responsible enough to have them pierced and asked if she would like to have it done for her birthday.  She wasn’t quite ready, but when her Nana asked her about it before their trip in June she seemed excited by the prospect, so I gave my consent before the trip.  Peyton had been running hot and cold on the idea of having her ears pierced however, and since she is 2 years younger than Presley, I wasn’t pressuring her.  As with her sister, I wanted her to be ready to take care of them herself before she got her ears pierced.  So when I got this text from Peyton I was surprised.

Peyton: Can I get my was pierced when we get to Colorado?  I mean ears.

Me: Sure. You have to promise to take care of them!

PJ: I will.  When I start I will have to get your help knowing what to do

Hours later I received this text from Peyton:

PJ: I don’t want my ears pierced 😭

I had no idea what the reason was for this complete turnaround.  I thought maybe they had stopped somewhere and Peyton had watched Presley get her ears pierced and it scared her so I asked: Did Presley get her ears pierced?

PJ: Yes she wants to

Apparently no ear piercing had occurred yet, so I asked:  How come you changed your mind?

PJ: Because Nana lectured me about it

M: Lectured?

PJ: Yes

M: Explain

PJ: She told me it hurts and I need to do stuff with my ears every night and day and it scared w.  I mean it scared me [NOTE: this sounded like more of an explanation and list of responsibilities than a lecture to me]

M: It just hurts for a minute but you do have to clean around the earrings every day

PJ: Ok she said it hurt like bloody murder

M: Just for second 

PJ: Ok she scared me

M: Maybe you should watch sissy get her ears pierced and then decide for yourself

PJ: Ok I will 👍🏼😽

M: Sounds good!

I thought this was a smart decision on her part.  If watching her sister get her ears pierced scared her, then she didn’t have to go through with it herself.  If it didn’t frighten her then she could have her ears pierced as well.  A few days later I received this text from Presley:

Presley: I’m getting my ears pieced today

Me: How many pieces?

P: Lol auto correct pierced

M: That makes more sense. Good luck! 😍

P: 😘

Obviously today was the day, I just hoped Peyton held on to her courage.

A few hours later their proud Nana sent these photos.  From the look of it, it was no big deal for Presley ,

but I think the faces Peyton made are priceless!

I think my little girls are growing up on me.


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