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Birthday Party at Camp Peyton


Another successful birthday party is all “wrapped up!”  I swear I make it harder on myself every year.  By now people expect a lot out of my girls’ birthday celebrations and I feel a need to outdo myself each year.  This year Peyton had difficulty choosing a theme for her party, which is of course the first step for a successful gala.  We entertained several ideas and finally settled on a “Camping by the Lake” theme for her pool party.  I thought it would be simple:  put up a tent, float some boats on the “lake” (swimming pool), and come up with a suitably themed cake.  Of course, it wasn’t simple.  The tent that I’d imagined  (an old Army tent like the ones I’d slept in at summer camp) was impossible to find.  All that I could find were white catering tents.  And we couldn’t decide on a cake:  a giant s’more, a campfire, or similarly themed cupcakes?  Also, I wanted to build a “dock” at one end of he pool to tie up the boats and my husband was dutifully ignoring my requests.  It looked like this year’s party was going to be seriously lacking,  when it finally all fell into place.  First my mother-in-law sent me an awesome cake idea off of Food Network. It was a grill topped with “hot dogs,” “cheeseburgers,” “vegetable kebabs,” and “corn on the cob” made out of candy.  I thought she was a little over-confident in my abilities, but Peyton fell in love with the idea so off we went: trying to figure out how to make hot dogs out of caramels,  corn on the cob out of Twinkies (we didn’t), and cheeseburgers out of Cocoa Krispie cereal and Starburst.

I finally came up with a workable dock design made out of old deck pieces,


realized I didn’t need a tent because I own a camper,

built a campfire pit,


and managed to pull off the cake.


We also made a “Camp Peyton” sign and wreath.  Aren’t we crafty?

For party snacks we filled a tackle box with gummie worms,


cut up watermelon, and made a grill full of faux cheeseburgers, hot dogs, corn on the cob, and veggie skewers.

IMG_6698 The party was big success and of course I’ve set the bar even higher for the next birthday.


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