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Bitossi Art Project 

I know it’s hard to believe but Peyton and I found an art project to do that doesn’t involve making slime.  Since I’ve dubbed this “The Summer of Slime,” I think that’s quite the accomplishment.  We found  hand-shaped bowl on Pinterest that looked fun to make.  I’ll let her tell you the rest:IMG_6620

“We went on Pinterest and found a cute hand made bowl made out of model magic (craft clay).  The instructions said it was inspired by Bitossi.  Me and my mom didn’t know who Bitossi was so we looked him up on Google and found out that it was a famous Italian ceramic artist family.”  The Italian owned ceramic business was started by the Bitossi family in the 1800’s. Their most notable artistic director was Aldo Londi who held that position for over 50 years starting in 1946.  He created the images that we associate with the company today, beautifully glazed, small sculptural pieces of home decor bearing textural marks and imprints.  So we got model magic and rolled it out and put my hand in it and lightly pushed and then you could see my hand print.  IMG_6601Then we cut around my handprint with a butter knife.


We took ordinary utensils (forks, bamboo skates, popsicle sticks, and screw drivers) and pressed them in to make different designs.


Then we shaped it into a bowl over a ball that we covered with plastic wrap and let it dry overnight (We added a small ring to the bottom to help it sit upright after it dried). IMG_6607

We painted it the next day (with two shades of green acrylic paint to bring out the imprints).  The Bitossi company is especially well known for its blue glazed pieces, but Peyton’s favorite color is green.  After letting it dry and spraying it with clear gloss sealant, I had a “hand made” bowl.”

Presley started one too so we’ll update you after she paints it!IMG_6614.jpg



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