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Grand Canyon Adventure Day 9

My journal entries today comprise my viewing of the Grand Canyon in 1984.  Day 8 was the girls’ last actual day at the Grand Canyon and on Day 9 they started their trip back to Colorado with a few stops along the way.  If you’ve missed any entries please click here for Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, Day 6, Day 7, or Day 8.

Day 9 (June 11, 1984):  Left Kaibab Lake (where we spent last night) and went to Ten-n Campground early, stayed there until 4pm (when temperatures started to cool down) then went to the Grand Canyon.  It is big and pretty.  The Colorado River that made it is emerald green.  I think it’s the prettiest thing I (ever) saw.

June 12, 1984:  Went to view the Grand Canyon again.  Stopped at post office on the way to mail post cards.  Mom bought us some fake turquoise; it’s pretty.  We drove through the Navajo Indian Reservation.  Mom bought me a necklace and bracelet made (out) of mother-of-pearl and Kelly and I bought mom a necklace.  We stayed at Jacob Lake, $6.

June 13, 1984:  Got up at 5:57am and drove to De Motte Campground.  We saw two male deer on the way; they were pretty.  We are going to set up camp and then go see the North Side of the Grand Canyon.

June 14, 1984:  Left De Motte, drove up into some mountains and had a snowball fight!  We saw a dead porcupine in a snow bank.  Stayed on the other side of the mountain at a campground called Old Folks Flats.  The outhouses were still winterized so we couldn’t use them.  The water didn’t work either.

As you can see, my visit to the Grand Canyon did not include any exciting raft trips, helicopter rides, or horseback riding.  But it did include one thing that my daughters’ funnily enough did not:  I got to view the canyon from the top looking down at the river! (for three days, North and South sides, ad nauseam, until all it looked like was a big hole in the ground and the “wonder” had pretty much worn off)  My girls got to experience the Grand Canyon from the inside and I’m sure that they have a much better feel for the vastness and beauty of it.  But I think it’s funny that they didn’t take the time to view it from the top, after all, I know from personal experience that there are MANY overlooks from which to stop and view its splendor.  I think I’ve been to every one of them!

Day 9 (June 10, 2017):  Nana, PopPop, Presley, and Peyton started their trip back to Colorado today.  Here’s one of my text conversations with Peyton:

M:  How’s the trip going?
PJ:  Good
M:  What did you have for lunch?
PJ:  A place called Old Smokey in Williams Arizona
M:  BBQ?
PJ:  No
M:  Then what did you eat?
PJ:  They had a kids menu I had a Corn dog off of it and Presley, PopPop and Nana had sandwiches.
M:  Ok
Peyton:   👧🏼💋👩🏼
M:  😍
As you can see my daughter is the QUEEN of texting, such a chatterbox!  Haha!

They made a stop in Winslow, AZ and sent me this video:

I think they need to listen to The Eagles more often.  And these photos:



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