Slime Fest

Today’s post is courtesy of my youngest daughter, Peyton who will be turning 9 next month.


Hi, this is Peyton, we got on Pinterest to look for cleaning slime (to clean our computer keyboard) ideas.  All we could find was a cleaning slime that you can buy for like $2.99. So we got on YouTube to look for cleaning slime recipes. We found a guy who tried to make cleaning slime, and we liked his recipe because it made a small amount of slime.  That way we could easily test out different formulas without going broke buying glue!  We made 4 slimes and the first one was the YouTuber’s made up recipe and it turned out just like his did (all gritty) and that’s when we realized he put way to much Borax in it and we decided to try again by shortening the amount of Borax. That didn’t work out as we thought it would because it turned out very thick. Then we tried the third one by shortening the amount of Borax in the already shortened recipe and that turned out very good because it was squishier than the second one. Then we tried one last slime with no Borax just water, glue, and liquid starch. It actually felt like slime and the best thing was that all these recipes make a small amount. So I felt that it was a win-win!

Unfortunately none of these recipes made a good cleaning slime.  None of them really picked up much of the dirt on our computer keyboard and what dirt they did pick up got incorporated into the slime and it got all nasty and dirty.  So if you did use them to clean with you’d have to throw them away afterward.  We decided to go back to using a can of compressed air, Q-tips, and alcohol to clean our keyboards and just make slime for the fun of it!

***T = tablespoon and t = teaspoon

Borax Slime

Borax Slime

Bowl 1: 1T water, 1T glue, 1 drop food color. Mix well.
Bowl 2: 1/8t Borax, 2T water, 1 drop Essential oil. Mix until dissolved.

Mix 2 bowls together, pour out excess water, and knead with hands until slime no longer sticks to your hands.


Starch Slime

Starch Slime

Mix 1T glue & 1T water, & 1 drop food coloring in small bowl. Stir until mixed. Add 1T liquid starch, stir until comes together, then knead until it no longer sticks to your hands.  It will take quite a while before this slime comes together.

You can add 1-2t glow-in-the-dark paint instead of food color. Or add 1/8 -1/4 teaspoon glitter at this stage.
Recipe is same whether using white glue, school glue, or clear glue.

Glitter Slime



***When we tested this recipe with glitter and clear glue, we found that you needed extra water in the recipe if you added glitter (so add 1/8t glitter + 1/8t water to above recipe).


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