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 Grand Canyon Adventure Day 7

Here we are at day 7 of our Grand Canyon adventures from 1984 and 2017.  If you missed days 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 you can see them here.

Day 7 (June 7, 1984):  We left the Gorge today, which was a national park.  We were going to stay at the Rio Grande Gorge State Park.  It had shelters made out of adobe.  They were cute but the park was dirty.  Then we decided to stay at Santa Cruz Lake, it was a nice place.  Kelly and I climbed up a small “mountain” and mom took our picture.  When we were looking at the State Park we saw a raft going down the Rio Grande, it looked boring.  (Said the 13-year-old girl who was probably very jealous of the rafters.  To this day I have never been river rafting.)  Before we looked at the parks we went through Taos, NM and saw Kit Carson‘s grave site and his house which they turned into a museum.  Kit Carson was a soldier and a trapper.  He helped pave the way West.

June 8, 1984:  We were going to stay at Bluewater Lake State Park but it was hot, rocky, dirty, and dusty.  It had cold showers but we used them anyway.  Mom said I only used a teaspoon of water.  I believe it.  I HATE the cold!  Then we went to Cibola National Forest where we saw Quaking Aspen trees.  It was nice.





Day 7 (June 8, 2017)  Today the girls learned about ranching, horses, and the importance of cattle in the history of the west with a real cowboy.  The got to ride horses and learned how to rope cattle.  Presley’s team won the roping contest.  The winners got ice cream sandwiches. 

M:  Whatcha doing?
PJ:  Laying on my bed waiting to go to lunch.
M:  Tell me about your morning
PJ:  Presley and her team won the roping contest
M:  Cool
PJ:  They don’t know what the prize is yet
M:  How were the horses?
PJ:  We got to ride the horses 2 times.  My favorite one was Bullet.  He was brown with a black mane and tail.  He went really fast.
M:  Awesome!  I’m proud of you.  I hope Nana got pictures.
PJ:  Yes, Nana got tones of pics and vids and so does PopPop
M:  Can’t wait to see them.

Later in the day I got this text from Nana:  The first thing PJ asked when she finished her 2nd ride was, “Nana, can I have a horse?”

Peyton’s journal:  Today was Cowboy Day.  We met two cowboys named Dallas and Karen.  We learned how to take care of horses.  We rode them two times.  I only rode Bullet.  He was the best.  He went fast sometimes but it was fun.  Before we roasted marshmallows we had a talent show with me, Presley, Kasidy, Drew, Austin, Jake, Ian, and Kaelin.  Drew had (performed) some of the funniest commercials ever.  Me and Presley sang “Sisters” from the movie White Christmas.  

Presley’s journal:  Today we rode horses and learned how to lasso.  The horses’ names were Bullet and Red Dog.  Bullet was CRAZY!  When I first got on him, he sure lived up to his name because he shot (off ) like a bullet.  I had to pull SO hard (on the reins) to get him to stop.  After a bit he warmed up to me.  I could do 360 degree (turns) on him.  We also had a roping lesson.  After the lesson we had a contest for roping.  My team won.  After that we went to where they weigh the cattle before they sell them.  Karen, the owner of the place, made us split up into teams again and guess the weight of everyone.  Our team won again.  When we got back to the motel, we got BBQ for dinner.  After dinner us kids put on a talent show.

Drew: did hand stands and commercials
Jake:  ate a leaf sandwich (which he promptly spit out “back stage” according to the girls)
Austin:  lit a stick on fire (at least he tried to)
Presley and Peyton:  sang “Sisters”
Presley (with Peyton, Kaelin, Kasidy, and Drew as backup singers):  sang “Thumbs”
Ian:  log surfed

The winners were a tie between me (and all my backup singers) and Ian.


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