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Grand Canyon Adventure Day 6

Everyone ready for day six of our adventure?  I definitely think the girls’ day was better than mine! If you missed last week’s entries catch up here: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, and Day 5.

Day 6 (June 6, 1984):  We left the Alpine Lodge and drove to the Rio Grande Wild River Area. We were by the Rio Grand Gorge.  We saw the Gorge and where the Red River runs into the Rio Grande.  We took a hike down to the Red River and back up. We camped at a height of over 7500 feet.  The hike was nice but Mom and Dad got sore.  I slept 13 hours (that night).  We were the only people there.  It was very clean and pretty.  We made Jungle Stew for dinner.  It was delicious.  In researching the area I have surmised that we camped overnight at La Junta Campground and the 1.6 mile long La Junta trail (read the description at the bottom of the linked page) was the one that left mom and dad so sore.  My 40-something year-old body is getting sore just reading about it. 

Day 6 (June 7, 2017) 6:51am local time:
Hi Mommy  I’m up  I want you to know that me and Presley got the beds with the rock samples on the walls.
Cool.  You’ll have to take a picture.  What are you doing today?
PJ:  On our way to the river today.




They drove down Peach Springs Canyon on the Diamond Creek Road to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River.  When they talked with us that night the girls told a story of the Water Cockroach that Peyton had spied on the river with its eggs on its back and they actually got to see little spiders hatching off the roach’s back, but apparently it wasn’t interesting enough to write down in their journals.

Peyton’s journal:  We went down to the Colorado River at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, but before we got there we waded in some creeks (Diamond Creek).  When we got to the river it (the water) was freezing!  We had a water fight.  It was very fun.  Before we got to the river we saw a Tarantula hawk. (Which is actually a type of wasp)  It was very scary.  It takes a tarantula and paralyzes it, stuffs it in a hole, and injects its eggs in, and the tarantula dies, and later the eggs hatch. Gross!!

Presley’s Journal:  Today we went down canyon to the Colorado River and splashed around.  The water was FREEZING!  We had a big water fight.  When the boys splashed me they laughed, but I got a hold of a bucket they all ran for high heavens!  Us girls also started a Sludge Spa.  Boys would line up on the sand banks to get one of two treatments:  Dry or wet sludge (from the river).  After a while we only did wet treatments.  Then we would grab (handfuls) of sludge and throw it on top of the boys calling it “high quality.”  The boys called it, “hard quality.”  After sitting in a freezing river, the chilly streams seemed quite warm.  I thought I was gonna die when I got back in the river.

The girls and grandparents also finished their tie-dyed shirts this afternoon.  I think they turned out really nice.


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