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Grand Canyon Adventure Day 3

Welcome to day three of my recounting the events of my trip to the Grand Canyon in 1984 (courtesy of my childhood diary) alongside the events of my daughters’ trip this week.  See previous posts here and here.

Day 3 (June 3, 1984):  Today we left Arkansas and drove into Oklahoma.  We stopped for the night at Red Rock Canyon where cliff swallows had their nests on the canyon wall over a small lagoon that they had built by damming a spring.  While we were there we found a trail that turned out to be a road from the gold rush days.  It went up the red sandstone bluff.  It  was called the California Road and you could still see the ruts from the wagons.  There was a beautiful view from up there.  You could see the other side of the canyon. 

Day 3 (June 4, 2017):  Last night Peyton had a difficult time before bed.  She was missing home and was a little weepy because of it.  She FaceTimed us and we got her calmed down enough so she could sleep.  Maybe almost 9 years old isn’t quite old enough to be so far from home without mommy or daddy?

 7:55am local time:
I’m up mommy
Mama (M):  Me too.  How did you sleep?
PJ:  Good, I feel a lot better.
M:  I’m glad.  Nights are always the most difficult when you’re away from home.
PJ:  Yes they are. A lot.
M:  Just remember that the sooner you go to sleep, the sooner morning will come and it will be better!!
PJ:  Ok I love you
M:  I love you too!

Breakfast was served, the car was packed and Nana, PopPop, Presley, and Peyton were on the road to the Grand Canyon by noon.  The plan was to stop overnight in Albuquerque, NM

Rest stop in NM with pretty Red Hot Pokers

and then arrive in Peach Springs, AZ where they are staying at The Grand Canyon Caverns Inn on Route 66 for the remainder of the week.  Interestingly enough, according to Wikipedia, Peach Springs is one of the towns that Radiator Springs in the movie Cars was modeled after. 

A side note, anyone who was a kid in the eighties should appreciate the fact that my girls are wearing “jellies” shoes in this picture.  Who knew they were back in style?  Not me!  I used to have those shoes in every color.  I’ll have to remember to ask the girls what they think of them.



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