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Grand Canyon Adventure Day 2

Don’t forget that yesterday I started recounting the events of my trip to the Grand Canyon in 1984 alongside my daughters’ trip this week.  Stay tuned for the rest of the story.

Day 2 (June 2, 1984):  We left Searcy, AR today and went to Little Rock to have dinner with my Aunt Frances and celebrate Uncle Americ’s 50th birthday which is really on June 10th.  This is my journal entry in it’s entirety but I actually do have photos of the event to share.  I wonder what we had for dinner and what kind of cake we had for my uncle’s birthday?  My aunt was always a great cook and enjoyed preparing fancy meals and a beautifully set dining table.  Alas, I don’t remember anything from this visit.

Day 2 (June 3, 2017):  Peyton and I started a routine today that I think will continue for the remainder of the trip.  She texts me as soon as she wakes up and we talk for a few minutes about how she’s feeling and what she’s going to do that day.  Nana cooked the girls a hearty breakfast and they played dress-up in Nana’s dress that she wore on her first date with Pop-Pop.  Look how tiny she was.  It fits Peyton.

  The day was mostly dedicated to shopping and packing for the trip, but there was time for s’mores at the backyard fire pit.  IMG_6323

That evening I had an amusing (at least for me) text conversation with Presley:
Presley (P):  Hi.  How was your dinner?
Mama (M):  Delicious!  We had mussels.  (She loves mussels and we were supposed to have them for her birthday dinner in January but life got in the way.  I chose this moment to tease her a little about it.)
P:  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr (And then 39 [yes, I counted them] angry faced emojis)
M:  To which I replied with 17 yummy faced emojis and one giant smiley face
P:  No you didn’t
M:  They were YUMMY!  With garlic sauce.
P:  Where did you eat it?
M:  Here.  Out of the freezer.
M:  You’re right.  It WAS your birthday dinner.  Now it’s in my tummy.  (Yummy emoji)
You’ll forget about it by the time you get home (Kissy faced emoji)
M:  Yes you will
P:  MAMA! (5 crying emojis and 4 bawling emojis)
At which point she started texting her father to ask him what we had for dinner.
  When we FaceTimed that evening her dad and I finally confessed that we were kidding, to which she responded, “I KNEW IT!  You’re so mean!”  I know it’s terrible, but I LOVE to tease her!


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