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Menu Monday 6/5/17


Well, this past Friday my girls left for a two-week visit with Dave’s parents.  They will be going on a 5 day tour of the Grand Canyon which will include river rafting, burro riding, and a helicopter ride.  It sounds exhausting, especially for the grandparents but I’ll keep you posted.  So Dave and I are on our own for the next 10 days or so.  We took advantage of the situation on Saturday morning and went to the Farmer’s Market in town.  We bought some lovely produce including: baby kale, green beans, butter lettuce, and broccoli.  When I searched my produce drawer in the refrigerator I also came across some sliced mushrooms, a cucumber, cherry tomatoes, cabbage, and some onions.  It goes without saying that we will be eating a lot of vegetables this week.  And hopefully trying out some new recipes.  The Tuna with Chickpeas from last week’s menu was delicious, if a little more time-consuming than advertised.  I hope to rework the recipe to make it easier and will post pictures of my attempt later this week.




Monday:  Boneless pork chops with sautéed green beans, broccoli, and onion over couscous.  Remember to cook your couscous in chicken broth for better flavor.  Stir-fry your veggies quickly in sunflower oil to retain crispness and season with your favorite spice blend.  The pork chops will go on the grill (weather permitting) and I may top them with some barbecue sauce for added flavor.



Tuesday:  Petite filet mignon, with sautéed mushrooms and onions, kale salad, and a baked potato.  Hopefully our weather will have improved by today so we can grill them properly.  Dave got a new grill (early Father’s Day gift) and we grilled pizza on it the other night (excellent) so I’m going to try baking my potatoes on it.  First rub potatoes with olive oil and salt then poke several holes in them with a fork to let the steam escape.  Preheat grill to 400 degrees then bake potatoes over indirect heat for 1 hour while maintaining temp at 400.  They should come out nice and fluffy just as they do when I use this method in the oven (350 degrees for 1 hour).

Wednesday:  Greek chicken with tomato/cucumber salad over butter lettuce.  I’ll marinate boneless skinless chicken breasts in Greek yogurt, salt, pepper, and oregano for at least 4 hours and then grill them.  Cut the cherry tomatoes in half and add cubed cucumber and diced onion.  Toss in olive oil, cider vinegar, salt, pepper, and oregano.  Let marinate at least an hour before serving.  To serve arrange butter lettuce on plate, top with sliced chicken, then tomato/cucumber salad.

Haluski (Fried cabbage, ham, and noodles)

Thursday:  Haluski (Fried cabbage, ham, and egg noodles).  My mother-in-law got this crazy sounding recipe here.  Trust me, it may sound weird but it is absolutely delicious!  (And another creative way to use up leftover ham, I can’t wait to add it to my list).  According to the website, this is a Polish recipe but my Polish mother had never heard of it.  My research shows that it is definitely an Eastern European dish but not exclusive to Poland.  Mom says if her mother had made it she would have made homemade noodles to go in it, which just makes my mouth water, but I don’t possess that time or talent and the egg noodles taste great.  Make sure you slice your cabbage and onions the same size as your noodles and don’t skip on the butter!  It’s what makes the “sauce” so amazing.  Dave’s mom added mushrooms to the dish which I think are a nice fit.  Thank you Ronnie for this great recipe!

Friday:  Blue Runners and Rice.  This recipe is basically a quick version of red beans and rice with Kielbasa sausage that doesn’t come straight out of a box (with all those nasty preservatives).  Apparently Blue Runners was a popular brand name of canned beans “back in the day” and that’s the reason for the quirky recipe title.  This is another quick meal from those amazing authors of Desperation Dinners.  My sister-in-law, Katie, suggested this one and I must say it looks and sounds delicious!  Thanks for the inspiration and the great photo Katie!


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