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Chicken “Bun” Bowl -Menu Monday Update

Today we succeeded in making delicious Noodle “Bun” Bowls with chicken and charred green beans. On May 24th I posted a menu for Bun bowls using leftover pork tenderloin and we loved it so much we attempted another one today.  The marinated and grilled chicken thighs were perfect.  The charred green beans added a lovely crunch, especially since I didn’t have any bean sprouts this time. I also added some radish slices for more crunch. See this week’s menu post for more instructions if you missed it.  The dressing was delicious and the family is split as to whether it was better than the Nuoc Cham sauce we used last time. I think I did better on my portions this time and everyone was satisfied with the size of their “bowl”.  See Bun Bowl Update post for more information.



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