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Nicoise Salad – Menu Monday Update

Per our weekly menu, we made Nicoise salad with Dijon Vinaigrette dressing today. Dave and I absolutely loved it, but the girls weren’t too sure. They thought the potatoes that I had marinated in the salad dressing were too sour.  Even though it’s Peyton’s favorite salad dressing,  apparently it’s only good on salads , not potatoes.  Next time I think I will cut the potatoes into slices and I won’t marinate them or the green beans (the dressing turned them both a rather unappetizing color).  The original recipe that I use doesn’t marinate them either and I think my girls would appreciate the milder flavor. I used some beautiful lettuce from Clark Farms that we got at the Farmer’s Market on Saturday. I didn’t have any tomatoes but we didn’t miss them with everything else piled on this salad. Dave and I had ours with canned oil-packed tuna, but the girls wouldn’t even entertain the idea. They had grilled chicken on theirs. We’ll definitely try this one again. It’s a great recipe for summer!


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