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Menu Monday 4/24/17 Update “Bun Bowl”

Tonight, per this week’s menu,  we attempted to recreate the Vietnamese Noodle Salad called Bun Bo Xao (or at our favorite restaurant, Pho Thanh My, a “Bun Bowl”).  Here’s a picture of mine and theirs.

I think mine turned out really well; it was delicious!  The only thing I really misjudged was the enormous amount of lettuce and rice noodles that are actually in a full bowl.  Mine were a little skimpy looking, but they were the perfect size for the girls.  Next time I’ll “beef up” mine and Dave’s with more lettuce, bean sprouts, and noodles.  I glazed my leftover pork in a mixture of brown sugar, lime juice, grated garlic, and fish sauce (yum!).  I also added cucumber slices for extra crunch.

Presley said the Nuoc Cham sauce was too spicy, but the rest of us thought it was perfect. Nevertheless everyone cleaned out their bowls.  Next time I’ll make the sauce a little less spicy and put Siracha on the table for those who want it hotter.


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