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Today is National Look Alike Day

Have you ever had someone walk up to you and say, “You look just like (insert name here)?”  It seems that everyone resembles some one else.  In my case, unfortunately, it’s usually their Great-Aunt Mabel, but for others it might be a famous actor/actress, singer, or sports personality.  I had a “doppelgänger” who lived in the same freshman dorm as I did.  We confused everybody for months (including ourselves) until we finally ran into each other and figured out why people kept saying they had seen us in places we hadn’t been.  It was like looking in a mirror.  We ended up being great friends and then had to suffer the “Are you two twins?” whenever we were together.  My own sister (who is four years younger) and I were often mistaken for each other when we were in our twenties.  My husband and I currently are lucky (or unlucky, depending how you look at it) to live in the same town as his “look alike”.   And in my eldest daughter ‘s case, it’s a girl in her class, who is also a close friend.  Here’s a picture of them during “School Spirit Week” last fall.  

So now it’s your chance to share your Look Alike pictures on social media using #NationalLookALikeDay #ThereWillBePancakes.


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