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The World’s Largest Concert

On March 17th Peyton’s third grade Honor Choir participated in “The World’s Largest Concert” sponsored by NAfME (National Association for Music Education).  The tradition began with a single statewide “Music in our Schools Day” celebration in New York in 1973 and grew to a month long celebration (MIOSM – Music in Our Schools Month) with “The World’s Largest Concert” by 1985.  It is now celebrated nationwide as well as in other countries worldwide.  The purpose of MIOSM is to “raise the importance of music education in our schools.”   And schools are encouraged to sing any of that year’s listed songs at anytime during the month of March.

Our school sings along with schools from throughout Arkansas over a two-day period in our State Capitol building each year.  This year we performed along with nine choirs and two “bands”.  I’m not sure how long our elementary school has been participating but both of my girls sang in the event in third grade choir.  This year NAfME joined with AYE (American Young Voices) and chose a special song “Power in Me” by Rebecca Lawrence.  They are performing several Arena-filled concerts in the Northeast; maybe someday we’ll have an opportunity like that closer to home.

IMG_0128A sample of the lyrics is as follows:

“I’ve got the power in me, you’ve got the power in you.

I’ve got the power, P – P – Power in me.

Nobody’s gonna hold me back.

Nobody’s gonna silence my words.

Nobody’s gonna close my mind.

I’ve got the power in me!”

The kids really enjoyed the song and its accompanying hand movements as well as the entire concert, which consisted of songs celebrating America.  Here’s a video link.   We’d be interested to know if any of our readers participated in this event this year.

This March-April, Give a Note Foundation is hosting its fourth annual Music In Our Schools – Music Inspires Tour. This year, along with Radio Disney and Radio Disney Country, the CMA Foundation is joining by matching grants to the six schools selected for the Tour – with a total of $30,000 to be presented to schools for their music programs.  Maybe next year our school could enter a video in the competition.


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