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Menu Monday 4/3/17

First of all let me wish the Ice Cream Sundae a happy birthday! It was invented on this day in 1892 in Ithaca, NY or possibly it was 11 years earlier in Two Rivers, WI depending on whose story you believe. or both have very interesting articles about the “war over who made the first sundae.  But if you ask me any time is a good time for ice cream so celebrate with an ice cream sundae for dessert tonight! We plan to.


IMG_5798.jpgMonday: Roast chicken, broccoli, mashed potatoes, and gravy.   We have a pretty busy week and today is no exception but I feel like a real home cooked meal, so I’m doing it. As you recall (see post) I roast my bird at high heat so it only takes about an hour to cook. Season with your favorite chicken seasoning and stuff the cavity with a quartered lemon, onion, and celery (and some fresh herbs if you have them, I like rosemary, personally). Boil and mash the potatoes in the last 15 minutes of baking time. Roast broccoli in the oven while chicken is resting and make gravy from the drippings under the chicken. Yum!

Tuesday: Mixed Greens salad with leftover roast chicken and homemade green goddess dressing. After such a heavy meal yesterday, a big salad made with whatever you have in your vegetable crisper and topped with yesterday’s delicious roast chicken should make everyone happy. Make it special by whipping up this simple classic salad dressing in your blender. See link here.

Wednesday: Chicken Orzo Soup with cucumber/tomato salad and Garlic buttered Naan bread.  That Greek Lemon chicken soup that I made back in January was so good that I’m going to make something similar with the leftover chicken remains, orzo, and some fresh spinach. I’ll make cucumber/tomato salad to make sure the girls get their vegetables. Dice cucumbers and tomatoes and mix with thinly slice red onion. Toss with oil, vinegar, Greek seasoning, salt, and pepper.

Thursday: Creamy Chicken enchiladas with cheese and green chiles, topped with Salsa Verde, pico de gallo salad, and garlic rice. I usually just mix together leftover (or canned) chicken with a can of cream of chicken soup, chopped green chilies, and cheese then roll in four tortillas and bake until heated through. Top with Salsa Verde and sour cream before serving. Rick Bayless has the best recipe for Garlic rice (see it here).

 Friday: Mussels steamed in garlic white wine sauce served with crusty bread and a big green salad with simple vinaigrette. Today is my mother’s birthday and Sunday is our anniversary so we’re going to celebrate. You can find the mussels in the freezer section if you don’t have a good seafood market nearby (which we don’t). They’re not quite as good as the fresh ones but almost.


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