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Menu Monday 3/6/17

Yes, there will be pancakes… on Tuesday. If you have an IHOP nearby.  Because Tuesday is IHOP National Pancake Day. Or you could always just make them yourself.


Monday: Chili dogs, French fries, and creamy coleslaw. I have leftover chili from a few weeks ago in the freezer, so we’re going to have chili dogs topped with cheese, mustard, and onions. Frozen French fries and creamy coleslaw (on top of the dogs or on the side) will round out the meal.


Tuesday: National IHOP Pancake Day. If you have an IHOP nearby go get a free short stack for dinner. If not, fix breakfast for dinner: eggs, bacon, toast, sausage, pancakes, or waffles, whatever sounds good.


Wednesday: Clam chowder, salad, and cheesy biscuits. Dave has the best recipe for clam chowder and these great cheesy biscuits (like the ones at that seafood chain restaurant). I think a salad of mixed greens and spinach would be a nice accompaniment.


Thursday: Baked chicken, fried okra, sautéed spinach, couscous, and cucumber salad. The girls only have choir today and are finished at 5pm so I’m going to serve a “real meal” today (not something quick). I toss sliced okra in flour, egg, and cornmeal and freeze it in the summer when it’s overabundant. I’ll just take out a bag and fry it up as an extra vegetable today. Peyton likes hers dipped in cocktail sauce (of all things, right??).


Friday: Shrimp tacos topped with lime slaw, “chimichurri”, and pico de gallo. Dave and I have been craving shrimp and he found the cutest little “street taco” sized tortillas at the grocery store. So I’ll sauté some Cajun seasoned shrimp and serve them with tortillas, shredded cabbage and red onion tossed with lime juice, a cilantro/garlic/jalapeno chimichurri sauce, and pico de gallo.  I’ll let you know how it turns out. I know the lime “slaw” (cabbage and red onion tossed in olive oil, lime juice, salt and pepper) will be delicious (we’ve had it on fish tacos before) as well as the pico de gallo (a fajita and taco “staple” in our house). The chimichurri recipe is untested but it sounds delicious in my head.


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