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Peyton and Presley’s Valentine’s Day Projects 2017

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Since the girls have already left for school, I think it is safe to share their V-day projects with you without fear of their intended recipients learning of their gifts.

Peyton is young enough that they still have a valentine exchange at school. She was very excited to create her valentine box this year. She came up with the idea of an emoji box, which I supported because what could be simpler to reproduce than a smiley face. All we had to do was find a round box. I decided to check the dollar store before going to the pricier craft stores for my search. I’m glad we did because we found the perfect round gold and beige box for $1. We took it home and Peyton painted the lid yellow and sprinkled it with glitter. Then cut out 2 heart-shaped eyes from craft foam and cut out a mouth. Peyton then cut out 5 circles out of yellow cardstock and made more emoji faces to encircle her box. I think it was the easiest Valentine box we’ve ever made and it turned out so cute.

Peyton also wanted to make something for her “boyfriend” so we settled on a candy bouquet. The dollar store came to our rescue again with a Styrofoam ball, fancy toothpicks, and bags of individually wrapped candy. We cut the Styrofoam ball in half and covered it with red tissue paper. Peyton then attached pieces of candy to the toothpicks with tape and formed her bouquet by punching the picks into the Styrofoam ball. She then attached the ball to a can of Coke (her friend’s favorite) with hot glue and covered the edge with foil wrapped chocolate hearts. I think she did a great job!

Yesterday, Peyton decided that she had to have a gift for her best friend as well. So we fashioned her a “Prescription for Happiness” out of an old prescription bottle that we filled with Skittles and Peyton made a personalized label for it. She then topped it with a candy bouquet like her previous project.


Presley’s idea for her “boyfriend” was also a candy bouquet, but this one is made out of a football. A little more difficult but I think it turned out great as well. The dollar store came though again with a small foam football. We attached it to a piece of wood for stability and fortunately the foam of the football was sturdy enough to support the “candy picks”. She began by attaching a large chocolate bar to three wooden skewers and poked it into the football to form a backdrop for her arrangement. From there the procedure was the same as Peyton’s bouquet.


I think the girls did a marvelous job on their gifts and I hope their friends are just as pleased.


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