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Nature’s Valentines

It’s hard to believe that Valentine’s Day is less than a week away. In honor of the holiday I’d like to share some naturally occurring “valentines” with you. I assure you that we came across all of these heart shapes quite by accident and it has become sort of a game for us to be on the lookout for hearts in nature.


This is the one that started my obsession with heart shaped foods.  I opened my bag of baby carrots and this was inside.  The carrots must have grown together and they even survived the “baby carrot slicer” intact,  Amazing!


We  grew this one ourselves in our garden this summer.  Imagine my surprise to cut open a pepper and find a pink valentine inside.


Apparently potatoes can show their love as well.  I guess 2 potatoes grew together to make this heart.


This one is an orange that was a little past it’s prime.  I had several that I was going to make into orange juice.  I sliced it open and there was a whole row of hearts.


A heart shaped strawberry.  Wouldn’t these be a perfect find for Valentine’s Day?  You could dip a whole tray of them in chocolate for your Valentine.

Sometimes tuna even comes in the shape of a valentine.  Who can resist heart shaped fish?


Presley loves to bring me heart shaped rocks.  This is one of my favorites.


Another heart shaped accident.  I was frying up sausage patties for biscuits and gravy and this patty cooked into the shape of a heart.


Presley got this heart on a plate of fried chicken at a local restaurant.  It’s a chicken wing shaped just like a valentine.

Okay, so these last two aren’t naturally occurring but I just have to share them.


We also can’t resist cooking heart shaped food on Valentine’s Day so here’s last year’s pizza dinner.

And Yes, There Will Be Pancakes for breakfast!  We made these a year or two ago but we plan on making more this year!








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