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Wellness Wednesday-Congestion Busters

I’ve been working for the past few months trying to re-create a “shower bomb” that used to be on the market. It was a rectangular “cake” that you placed on the bottom of your shower. When the hot water hit it, it slowly dissolved and emitted a wonderful aroma into the steam. My favorite was some sort of menthol and eucalyptus that helped immensely with congestion. They also had a lavender scented one that was supposed to relax you. I don’t know why I can’t find them in stores anymore. They probably had something bad for us in them to make them work so well in the shower.

When I started seeing all these “recipes” on line for bath bombs it made me remember the shower steamers. I thought that I could alter one of these recipes for use in the shower. Alas, I have tried formula after formula and while most of them are wonderful in the bath, none of them seem powerful enough to fill a shower with vapor. I have finally worked out the proper aroma but not the proper base to get the “bomb” to dissolve at the necessary rate to fill a shower with that wonderful aroma filled steam. They all either dissolve too fast and are gone within a few minutes or too slow and sit in the bottom of the shower for multiple days before finally disappearing. On the bright side, I have developed a wonderful addition to my steam bowls (read about them in this post). These little disks are amazing for relieving head congestion!


Congestion Busters


1cup baking soda

¼ cup cornstarch

¼ cup Epsom salt

1gm menthol crystals

1gm camphor granules

16 drops camphor essential oil

10 drops eucalyptus essential oil

5 drops oregano essential oil



Mix baking soda, cornstarch, and Epsom salt together in a non-reactive bowl. In a glass bowl (or mortar and pestle) combine menthol crystals and camphor granules; crushing as you mix. If you have measured correctly these two solids will form a liquid when they are combined. Add your oils to this liquid then add drop by drop into dry ingredients. Stir to combine. Then add water a little at a time (I use a spray bottle) until mixture becomes the consistency of damp sand. It should be moldable but not too wet. Drop by measuring teaspoonful onto parchment lined baking sheet.   Place baking sheet in the freezer for a few hours to allow bombs to set up. Store in a glass jar. Place 1 disk in your bowl of HOT water; let it dissolve and inhale deeply with a towel covering your head and the bowl.

**If you want to use these in your bath, I would suggest using a larger scoop (like a tablespoon or a cookie scoop) to measure them out with.


I’m still working on the perfect base for use in the shower. I’ll keep you posted.



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