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Mardi Gras Birthday Party (Part One)

We have a local reputation for going all out for our daughters’ birthday parties. I don’t mean all out as in spending thousands or even hundreds of dollars but all out in fun for the kids. It always makes me feel good to hear other parents tell me that their kids couldn’t possibly miss one of my girl’s birthdays. It’s also gratifying when the parents are as excited to see what we’ve come up with as the kids are themselves. We’ve had a tea party on the Titanic, a Potions class at Hogwarts, and a Mermaid pool party, just to name a few. But this year we were short on preparation time since we were at the Jr. Beta convention (the 2 days before the party). We decided on a Mardi Gras theme since it is the right time of year and it made decorating easy (purple, green, and gold color scheme and lots of beads!).

We researched king cakes and the meaning of the baby baked inside. A king cake is typically an oval brioche ring (sometimes flavored like coffee cake: think cinnamon swirl or cream cheese) with a tiny plastic baby baked inside. It is glazed with white icing and sprinkled in sections with purple, green, and yellow sugar. The person who finds the baby is often crowned king/queen of the party and is responsible for bringing the cake the following year. I decided that this type of cake might not appeal to eleven-year-old palates, so I began to search for an alternative cake still in keeping with the king cake theme. I settled on a tri-colored Bundt cake drizzled with white, purple, yellow, and green icing and sprinkles. It turned out beautiful and apparently delicious since it was all eaten in a matter of minutes.


First, I bought a yellow cake mix (which is my family’s favorite cake) and a purple single layer cake mix. Then I divided the yellow cake batter in half, dyed one half darker yellow and the other half green, and then layered these three colors into a Bundt pan (yes, it all fit!). Next, I divided a container of vanilla frosting into four bowls and colored three of them in the appropriate colors. Once the cake had baked and cooled, I hollowed out a small area and inserted the baby. The party’s lucky baby recipient (our youngest daughter!) got to keep the baby, but the birthday girl remained the queen of the party. I’ll try to convince her that she’s responsible for her sister’s birthday cake next year, but I don’t think she’ll fall for it.



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