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Menu Monday 1/2/17

I hope everyone had a Happy New Year’s Day. We certainly enjoyed our time with family and eating our meal of foods symbolic for a happy and prosperous coming year! If you missed our New Year’s Day menu and the meaning behind some of our traditional menus, check out Friday’s post here.

This week it’s back to school and work for all of us so …

Monday: Today we are “Skippin’ Jenny” to demonstrate frugality and promote prosperity in the New Year. So we’re eating leftovers, as I love to do after every special holiday meal and improving our luck in the next year at the same time.

 Tuesday: Reuben sandwiches, French fries, and kale salad.   We make our Reubens with Dijon mustard instead of Thousand Island dressing because we never have any Thousand Island on hand. We also use rye bread, homemade sour kraut, and Swiss cheese. Today’s kale salad is topped with sweet poppy seed dressing, craisins, and sunflower seeds (it may sound a little strange but, trust me, it’s delicious).


Wednesday: Polish Packages (as my mother calls them) or Gołąbki (pronounced go’wompki in Polish). Obviously my mom is cooking today, as I have no idea how to make them. These are a mixture of ground beef or pork, onions, and rice rolled in cabbage leaves and slowly simmered until tender. These are traditionally served with some sort of tomato sauce but my mom prefers just a dash of vinegar, my dad preferred ketchup, and my family likes spaghetti sauce of all things.

 Thursday: Tilapia Po’boys with homemade potato chips and vinegar slaw. My husband and I have these with homemade tartar sauce, lettuce, and pickle slices on a toasted bun. The girls don’t want anything “green” on theirs. We make potato chips by slicing potatoes super thin on a mandolin, seasoning with “Fry” seasoning and cooking them on a special rack in the microwave. No fat and no guilt.


Friday: Chicken and Tortellini Soup. I have some chicken and cheese tortellini in the freezer, add some shredded poached chicken, onions, celery, and carrots to homemade chicken stock and dinner is ready!


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