Christmas · Family

Goodbye, Snowflake!

Friday: Peyton found our Elf on a shelf… Imagine that! She had found a tiny Christmas tree to sit in where she could watch all the goings-on in the family room on the day before Christmas Eve.


Saturday: We found Snowflake had changed into “party attire” for her trip home to the North Pole with Santa, complete with a fur wrap to keep her warm on the sleigh. Do you think they have a big party when all the elves return home? We do. Snowflake was dressed to the nines for it!!

Sunday: Peyton left Santa a snowflake she had cut out and a note with his milk and cookies (and lettuce and carrots for his reindeer). She wrote: Just for you! We are sad that Snowflake is going away but hope she travels safely.

Santa, after eating his cookies and feeding his reindeer (who strangely left no glitter on the ground this year. Maybe they had used it all up by the time they reached us in South Carolina?), left this reply: I promise to take good care of Snowflake until you see her next year! And just like that, Snowflake was gone.


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