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Menu Monday 12/26/16

Well, it’s the day after Christmas and I think I’m still stuffed from that marvelous meal we had yesterday. But, for your sake, I will try to come up with some good meals for this week. I know everyone is still busy with holiday obligations so we won’t get to fancy with our cooking. There are certain foods that remind my sister and I of our childhood so one day this week we may just forget the menu and eat spinach dip, and bacon-wrapped smokies, and deviled eggs and watch a ball game. But here’s the plan for now.


Monday: Christmas leftovers. The day after a holiday is always easy to me. A meal so special that we only serve it once a year deserves to be savored, so don’t mess with a good thing, and we’ll just re-heat tonight.


Tuesday: Turkey Spring Rolls. I’m thinking of trying something new this year, and light vegetable laden spring rolls sound lovely after all the heavy food of the holiday. Dipping sauce made with soy sauce, sugar, and ketchup (of all things) will top them off nicely.


Wednesday: Tacos, garlic rice, avocados, and pinto beans. After the bacon-wrapped turkey on Christmas Eve and a delicious ham on Christmas Day, followed by two days of savory leftovers, I’m sure everyone is ready for a change of menu. So we’re going with a simple, easy change-of-pace that can be as light as it is quick to prepare.


Thursday: Elvis’ Potato Cheese Soup. This is a recipe I will have to share with you later in the week. As I’ve said before, my girls are huge Elvis fans and this was one of his favorite meals. It’s always a winner. Try serving it with giant soft pretzels. Yum!


Friday: Naan Bread Pizzas. This one is so simple. Even Wal-Mart carries naan bread now. Everyone gets their own “crust” and we lay out some combination of tomato sauce, Alfredo sauce, pepperoni, bacon, sausage, leftover chicken or turkey, mushrooms, red onion, spinach, diced tomatoes, black olives, and fresh mozzarella cheese. Everyone gets their favorite pizza with no arguments.


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