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Elf Update 12/23/16

OK, it’s the last “Snowflake Friday” before Christmas! Here’s what our elf, Snowflake, has been up to for the last week:


Friday: We found her hanging from the chandelier over our kitchen table. The girls were happy because she brought them an early Christmas gift: Christmas cups!

Saturday: Friday night our elf was very busy and a bit mischievous. She crepe-papered the girls into their rooms and taped herself to the wall in their hallway. Presley was a bit upset but I thought she looked right at home.

Sunday: Saturday Peyton lost a tooth and left it under her pillow for the tooth fairy. Unfortunately she then decided to sleep with her sister. Apparently the tooth fairy could not find her tooth so she caught Snowflake instead and tied her to a chair. Our elf must have needed a lot of dental work. The tooth fairy pulled a few (read: A LOT) of her teeth. Who knew that elf teeth smell like licorice?

Monday: Poor Snowflake must have recovered from her dental experience none the worse for wear. She left the girls some Christmas socks and a present for Peyton’s friend Keylee’s elf Rosie. Peyton took the gift to school for Keylee to take to Rosie. We think it was a new skirt for Christmas. Just guessing because Snowflake had mentioned going clothes shopping with Rosie.


Tuesday: We woke up this morning to find Snowflake inside a plastic bottle holding a note saying, “Please take me with you!” She had decorated the bottle for Christmas so she could travel with us without risking losing her powers.

Wednesday: We found Snowflake upside down in her travel bottle in the hotel room this morning. She obviously barely made it back before we woke up! She brought the girls some cotton candy “for the road”.


Thursday: Snowflake has made herself at home at my sister’s house. Peyton found her this morning in one of the fireplace stockings.



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