Elf Update 12/16/16


Friday: Last night we took our girls to see a movie and they ate WAY too much popcorn. They came home, went to bed, and Presley promptly got up and threw up all her popcorn. She said she felt better, returned to bed and fell right to sleep. Of course when she yelled for me right before vomiting, she alerted her sister to the event. So from 9-10pm she hovered over the toilet claiming she felt sick. Her sister had a day off school today for good behavior and I think she thought with enough acting maybe she could stay home as well. But apparently they had Snowflake very worried. As you can see she didn’t even leave to see Santa last night.

Saturday: Apparently Snowflake was missing the snow today. I swear she must have found every spare roll of toilet paper in the house and made herself into a giant snow angel.


Sunday: While in her snow angel costume the girls had a few questions for her. Which she nicely answered with her handy dry erase board before taking a candy and Christmas bead “bubble” bath in my china teapot.


Monday: Her bath must have been relaxing because we found her swinging from a trapeze above the kitchen table this morning. She’s a very ingenious elf!


Tuesday: I don’t know if Snowflake ticked off the wrong Shopkin or if they all mobbed her trying to get her to take their Christmas lists to Santa, but this morning we found her hiding in an apothecary jar on the fireplace mantel. She looked a little frightened so the girls took their Shopkins and put them away so Snowflake can escape tonight and report to Santa.


Wednesday: Snowflake must have had a lot of time to think while sitting in that jar because she outdid herself last night. She set up a workshop and made the girls “Snowflake (loves) Peyton” and “Snowflake (loves) Presley” necklaces. Too cute! The girls love them.


Thursday: Last night Peyton was bothering me about a subscription food delivery service that delivers “Treats” from around the world on a monthly basis (and at an exorbitant price). Snowflake must have been listening because she arrived this morning with a box of candies straight from England. That girl has some great connections! The girls were so excited and can’t wait to try their treats when they get home from school. As you can see she also decorated her dry-erase board. I wonder if she did that in her makeshift workshop on Wednesday too?



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