Elf Update 12-9-16


Well, it’s the end of the first week of December, and you know what that means: it’s Snowflake Friday!! Here’s what our Scout Elf has been doing since the last update.


Friday: Snowflake must have been lonely because she broke into my craft drawer last night and borrowed a bag of googly eyes. She turned the fruit bowl into a party of companions, or perhaps I should call them co-conspirators. They all seemed very chummy and had slightly guilty looks on their faces. I could tell they were planning something. The girls were so upset that they couldn’t eat any fruit! Finally, once it was time for bedtime snack, they were getting mad at Snowflake for denying them a healthy snack. They couldn’t believe that she or Santa would do something like that. So Daddy stepped in and carefully removed 2 bananas without touching Snowflake and the girls had a great time eating them. Personally, I found it a little disconcerting that they were eating something with eyes staring at them.


Saturday: I was right. They WERE up to something! This morning we found Snowflake and her (remaining) fruit friends staging a snowball fight in the middle of our Christmas village. When Peyton showed me their antics that morning we saw a banana throw a snowball at Snowflake! That’s the honest truth. I couldn’t believe my eyes. He missed, of course; bananas have terrible aim.


Sunday: You would think that Snowflake would have been tired after a day of snowball fights and having to clean up the mess (although how tough is cleaning up a few snowballs really?).   Of course she wasn’t. Apparently her meeting with Santa didn’t take long because she spent the rest of the night cutting out tiny Santa hats and gluing fluff on them and attaching them to almost every photograph in the house. Then she posed amongst her handiwork. I must say I kind of like it and I hope she leaves them up all season.


Monday: It was another installment in Snowflake’s new tradition of “Name that Tune” (which her father and I think is hilarious). Peyton had a very different opinion. She awoke in one of her grumpy moods. It’s funny how those always follow a night where she makes a million trips downstairs after we put her to bed, telling us she couldn’t sleep. How can anyone fall asleep in 4 minutes? That was the average time between trips. Anyway, back to Snowflake: She had arranged 4 rocks around a tiny Christmas tree and asked the girls to guess the song. Presley got it right away: “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree”.


Tuesday: After all her hard work this week Snowflake decided to host a party last night, or maybe I should call it an intimate gathering. Oh, who am I kidding? It was obviously a DATE with none other than The King himself, Elvis. At my dining room table no less! They were feasting (on my good china!) on every type of candy we had in the house. And I swear when I walked through later that day even more of it had been eaten. In the morning when we found them, Snowflake’s boots were under Elvis’ chair (Hmmm…). But in the afternoon when the kids returned from school, she had them back on. I’m going to have to keep a closer eye on that girl.


Wednesday: Snowflake must have finally worn herself out. She cleaned up the gigantic mess that she and Elvis had made in the dining room, put all the (remaining) candy away, and collapsed in a mixing bowl in the kitchen. She did put herself in a prime location for witnessing the girl’s questionable behavior though. Smart girl!


Thursday: The girls had asked Snowflake a few questions in the previous days including whether or not she knew Rosie, the elf who belongs to Peyton’s best friend. She chose today to answer one question as well as deliver a stern warning.



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