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Wellness Wednesday – Thieves Oil

When I began researching Thieves Oil many years ago, I was searching for something natural and not petroleum-based to fight colds and congestion other than Vapor Rub (which my mother swore by). I spent many a winter night slathered from neck to navel with the stuff and wrapped in a piece of flannel. I am a firm believer that the aroma from that salve did provide some symptomatic relief as well as the “massage” technique that it took to apply it. But I was looking for something that could help fight an infection as well as provide palliative relief. What I found was a powerful weapon to add to my arsenal of cold fighting treatments. This oil not only provides the soothing of achy throats and congestion with its wonderful aroma, it also has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties and boosts our immune system to help our bodies fight off illness. It can also be diffused or diluted and applied topically to help prevent catching a cold. I wear Thieves Oil in my Aromatherapy necklace all through cold and flu season. I also carry a rollerball filled with diluted Thieves to apply to my wrists or neck when I’m around cold sufferers. The roll-on can also be applied to the palms as a hand sanitizer (or “Hanitizer” as my youngest calls it).

Thieves Oil is a precise blend of lemon, eucalyptus, cinnamon, clove, and rosemary essential oils that has been used since the Middle Ages to ward off viruses and bacteria. Legend has it that thieves protected themselves from illness while robbing victims of The Plague by rubbing themselves with this combination of herbs. Thus the name: Thieves Oil. Through my research and a little trial and error I finally perfected my version of this age-old formula. We have been using it ever since and I have even created a topical ointment to use in place of that vapor rub of my childhood, although sometimes I do yearn for that familiar soothing aroma (but I’ll save that for another post).

Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 4.36.47 PM.png


This Christmas I decided to provide personalized Thieves Blend rollerball bottles for my Nature’s Essentials customers. Several of my customers were looking for a natural essential oil gift to give to their child’s teachers, co-workers, etc. So when they contacted me to place a “bulk” order I had the great idea of offering to personalize the labels for them. I searched Pinterest and other sites to find a cute seasonal saying. I finally settled on “Have a Germ-Free Holiday, Love_____” on a chalkboard background. I then condensed the remainder of the label to fit on the bottle. I think they turned out really well and my customers have been pleased. I can’t wait to design a new label for next Christmas!


Personalized Thieves Oil Rollerballs are available at $6.00 apiece for orders of ten or more. I also have a kid safe version since some essential oils such as cinnamon and eucalyptus are considered too strong for children under the age of ten.


We also have Aromatherapy pendants available for $20 each. They each come with a silver chain or black cord (18″ to 30″), 2 felt pads, and a sample bottle of one of our essential oil blends.


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