Portraits with Pets

This past Saturday morning we had our portrait sitting for Portraits with Pets. It’s an annual fund-raiser held by our local Humane Society. Every year we take a different pet to pose with the girls in their Christmas dresses. It’s a wonderful tradition for a wonderful cause. It amazes me how few photos we take of our pets and, of those, how few have people in them. Most of mine are either of pets sleeping or caught doing something they shouldn’t (like standing on the kitchen counter trying to eat the steak we were planning on having for dinner or drinking out of the toilet).

It’s always emotional for me when I put out those pictures every season, stopping for a few minutes to remember those who have passed on and reminisce about the joy they brought to our lives. Some pictures bring a smile and wonderful memories and some bring tears over a pet who has left us way too soon. The one constant in theses photos (besides the sleigh that figures prominently in most of them) is our two girls and their unbridled love for all of the pets that we have been fortunate enough to know. Thank you Independence County Humane Society and Matthews Photography for this lovely holiday custom.


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