Elf Update 12/2/16

Our Scout Elf Snowflake arrived in spectacular fashion last Saturday. She and her parachute crashed into our Christmas tree knocking ornaments to the floor and gaining the interest of at least one cat with the shaking of the tree. Fortunately Snowflake landed high enough to stay out of GoGo’s reach. Her pet reindeer that stays with our children the rest of the year was on hand to greet her.

The next night, after recovering from her rough landing (and storing her goggles, flight jacket, and parachute), she proceeded to harass the children about the fact that they had still not given their reindeer a name (in over a year since receiving her). She wrote them a very nice note, which started an argument the next morning over what to name the deer. The girls started shouting names such as Snowball, Sparkle, and Glitzen but of course they couldn’t agree on anything. I don’t thing Snowflake was impressed.

By Monday morning the poor reindeer still had no name and Snowflake left another note for the girls. She also had had enough of their bad behavior and posted herself in the kitchen over the breakfast bar with a note “I’ve got my [eyes] on you!” Peyton thought it was kind of creepy that the elf now had two sets of eyes watching her. Snowflake has even moved the note several times, ensuring that she is able to watch over her children all over the house. This did, however, get the girls to finally agree on a name for the deer: Glitzen.

Apparently this put Snowflake in a much better mood and she decided to play a game of “charades” with the girls. She acted out a Christmas song and asked them to “Name that Tune”. The girls hope this trend continues. They had a great time trying to determine the song and then waiting until the next day to see if they were correct.


Wednesday dawned with that little elf getting into mischief again. She decided to paint glasses, a nose, and a HO HO HO speech bubble on one of Mommy’s Santa plates. Peyton was convinced I’d be furious, but I told her there was no way Santa would let one of his elves do something so destructive and I was sure she’d wash it off by the next day. Peyton was relieved. She didn’t want her elf getting into trouble with Mommy or Santa.

Apparently Snowflake was tired and dirty after cleaning up her mess. She washed her clothes and hung them up to dry and apparently fell asleep in her bubble bath eating a candy cane. That’s where the girls found her this morning with her hair wrapped up in a towel. I hope she’s not a wrinkled prune after soaking in that bath all day!


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