Menu Monday Update 12/1/16


A quick update on that Kentucky Hot Brown recipe from Monday: It was delicious!!!! I followed the Brown Hotel’s recipe with the following changes: I used ½ cup of freshly grated Parmesan cheese, a mixture of half ‘n’ half and milk, and a 1/2” slice of Velveeta cheese (cubed) for the cheese sauce. I used sliced crusty Italian bread for the toast and roasted my tomato slices before assembling the “sandwiches”. On top of the toast slices I layered the tomatoes, diced turkey, and cheese sauce then broiled until bubbly. Then I topped with bacon slices. YUM! If you haven’t tried this one yet, you definitely should. Since leaving the Louisville area I often forget about this gem of a sandwich but I think it’s going to become an after-Thanksgiving Tradition.


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