Our Christmas Elf

I’m not sure how many of you have a Christmas Elf. You know, the one who sits on a shelf and reports back to Santa every night on your child’s behavior? The one you cannot touch or you’ll disable their magic or ability to fly? Well, we are lucky to have such an elf every year.

Our elf is named Snowflake and of course she is a girl elf. Why would you send a boy elf to report on the actions of girls? (He wouldn’t understand anyway!)

Snowflake arrives every Thanksgiving weekend and stays until Christmas Eve, when Santa picks her up in his sleigh and returns her to the North Pole. Our girls are always very excited anticipating Snowflake’s arrival and so are we. Let’s face it, having one more set of eyes on you in the month before Christmas does lead to better behavior.

The time is almost here. Snowflake should arrive this weekend and I say it’s not a moment too soon! Maybe SHE can put a stop to back-talking and blatant refusal to do chores that has been trying to infect our home lately. And maybe, just maybe, a month will be long enough to break the cycle, and I will be left with those helpful, courteous kids that are hidden somewhere deep inside them right now.

Snowflake usually arrives in spectacular fashion; if you consider incidents like the time she missed the house completely and landed in our shed to be “spectacular.” We are hoping this year is more extravagant than that, but you never know.

I’ll just be happy if she doesn’t land in a toilet or get caught by the cats or the dog. I don’t think Santa would see the humor in us drowning or maiming one of his elves. Snowflake is a little clumsy, though, so we’ll have to look out for her. I’m sure that we will have numerous updates about her escapades over the next few weeks!


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