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Thanksgiving Over The Years

After the fiasco of our first Thanksgiving together, you’d think nothing else could top it and maybe you’re right.

We’ve had one in Orlando with the entire meal provided by Publix. Everyone flew in to spend Presley’s first Thanksgiving Day together, not that she remembers any of it anyway. But I think she did enjoy the sweet potato casserole (there’s no accounting for taste).

We’ve had one in Branson with our first smoked turkey and side dishes prepared at home and “trucked” all the way to Missouri to be reheated.

One Thanksgiving, through some strange set of circumstances, our only guests were each of our sisters (Kiki and Katie), sans husbands. PJ’s first Thanksgiving obviously didn’t warrant an entire family exodus. We left Dave and his girls to watch football while we had a ball Black Friday shopping in Little Rock.

Dave’s had at least 3 Thanksgivings that he remembers where he shared his meal with soldiers in his unit, not flesh and blood, but family just the same.

We’ve had large family meals with 2 full tables in the dining room. And one BK (Before Kids) Thanksgiving where it was just the two of us, sitting at each end of a perfectly set table with all of our favorite dishes laid out between us and enough leftovers to last for weeks. Big or small, crazy or quiet, every one of them has been special in it’s own way, a day of food, family, and thankfulness for all we have shared together.


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