Wellness Wednesday: Gravy!!

Today is supposed to be a blog about your health and well-being. I should be talking about the importance of moderation while tempted by the vast quantities of rich delicious foods that will be placed before you tomorrow (many dishes that you only see once a year). Or perhaps I should tell you how these foods and the environment in which they will be consumed will actually be good for your psychological well-being. But today I’m going to talk about gravy: giblets or no giblets, eggs or no eggs, or plain.

According to my southern roots, Thanksgiving means giblet gravy and giblet gravy means:

  1. Simmer the giblets and turkey neck to make broth for the gravy.
  2. Make gravy from that broth and drippings from under the turkey.
  3. Coarsely chop giblets and one or two boiled eggs and add to gravy before serving.

I never knew there was such controversy about gravy but when this question was posted on Facebook this week, the response was overwhelming.

(Friends will be referred to as F plus a number and Dave and I will be referred to as US.)

F1: Like gravy made from hard-boiled eggs, or gravy ON hard-boiled eggs?

US: Hard-boiled eggs chopped up in the gravy, usually in turkey giblet gravy.

F1: That sounds AWFUL!

US: Noted

F2: Eggs- yes.

F3: For the love of God…No! {eggs}

US: I don’t think He really cares.

F3: He does Dave. He really does. In fact, I am pretty sure it says so in the Bible. “Thou shalt not desecrate gravy with hard-boiled eggs.”

US: You can’t prove that.

F4: No, I read that part too.

US: Must be some rare “Northerners Only” version.

F5: Probably doesn’t matter a bit.

US: Reading some of the responses over the last 2 days, there are a lot of people out here who strongly disagree with that.

F6: No {eggs}

F7: My mother always put boiled eggs in hers and so did my grandmother – they are the best cooks I know!!!!!!

F8: Definite no. I don’t do hard-boiled eggs in much actually.

F9: My mother has always made everything from scratch and she does. She is the best cook in the world.

F10: I think it may be geographic or regional in nature. My roots are from KY and it’s always been a staple…

F11: Don’t worry, {eggs} won’t ever be happening here!

F12: Absolutely {eggs}

F13: Good gravy, no! {eggs}

F14: If it’s giblet gravy then eggs are a must.

F15: Giblet gravy should have eggs.


All this does is support my earlier posts that it’s the traditions themselves that are important not what the traditions are. So enjoy your meals tomorrow and the gravy, giblets, eggs, or not.

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!


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