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Our First Thanksgiving

We’ve had our share of Turkey Day Adventures over the years. Dave’s first Thanksgiving Day with my family was the year we started dating. It was upstaged by the family dog who was trying to steal the turkey off the kitchen table while we were eating behind closed doors in the dining room (no my maiden name isn’t Bumpous). She managed to escape with a turkey leg dangling from her ear as we raced in and caught her in the act. Dave was probably grateful for the distraction as it disrupted the dinner conversation. It was my husband’s first real dinner with my whole family and we had already turned his stomach with our dinner table discussions. If you can’t imagine what two biologists and two pharmacists might discuss over dinner, that’s probably a good thing. We wouldn’t want to ruin your appetite too! With the conversation topics and the dog stealing the turkey it’s a wonder he didn’t run for the hills. It must have been TRUE LOVE!


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