Election Update

Unfortunately, we don’t have a victory speech to post here. Presley did not win the Junior Beta Club Vice Presidential race as we had been hoping all weekend. It certainly wasn’t due to a lack of effort, though. After tying another opponent (there were four students in the race) in the initial vote, she went to a runoff election, where she was narrowly defeated by two votes. In her inimitable way, she decried, “If just ONE more person had voted for me, it would have been another tie!!” And she’s right.

From her parents’ perspective, however, this was a tremendous success. Not only did she establish and work (HARD!) towards a goal, she maintained a positive attitude, utilized her own diligence and creativity, and even put on a brave face to congratulate the winner when all was said and done. And in today’s world of participation trophies and entitled youth, seeing our child respond with such strength and dignity gave us a tremendous sense of pride.


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