Menu Monday 11/21

Since it’s a holiday week, our normal after-school obligations are somewhat less than normal. We still have voice and piano on Monday and archery on Tuesday, but after that we’re free to enjoy the family holiday.

Our garden has produced another colander full of tomatoes this week, as well as a few eggplant, 3 tiny poblanos, and a handful of serranos. I think this was it’s last hurrah, however, since temperatures are dropping into the 30’s tonight. We also have some chicken leftover from the weekend so I think I’ll use that to make a meal.

Monday: Homemade tomato soup with grilled cheese and cheesy “fish” crackers.IMG_5095.JPG


I plan to take all those tomatoes and run them through my food mill, then cook down the juice with basil, salt and pepper, and a piece of parmesan cheese rind. Topped with a little half ‘n’ half or heavy cream and some cheese crackers it should be perfect. For the grilled cheese my family wants plain white bread and processed cheese slices, but by all means get adventurous if you want.

Tuesday: Fried rice made with leftover chicken and whatever veggies are in the refrigerator served with eggrolls.

I make a spicy honey mustard dipping sauce for the eggrolls but my youngest prefers pot sticker sauce (reverse engineered from PF Changs) and my oldest drowns everything in ranch dressing.

Wednesday: Give yourself a break and order pizza.

After all, you have to bake the pie, make the cornbread for the dressing, and put together the cranberry salad for tomorrow (or whatever your family traditions involve). You’ll be eating leftovers until Monday anyway.

Thursday: This year turkey, cornbread dressing, green bean casserole, giblet gravy, rolls, cranberry jelly, cranberry salad, and pumpkin pie with “pffffttt”! (whipped cream).

Guess which side of the family we’re eating with this year? See our posts later this week.

Friday: More of the same!

I prefer to re-eat Thursday’s dinner masterpiece one more time before I try to get creative with the leftovers.

Saturday: Bonus meal: Yes, there will be pancakes, with cranberry sauce!

Just melt down the leftover cranberry sauce (or jelly) to make “syrup” for your favorite pancake recipe.


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