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Wellness Wednesday

As a licensed pharmacist with over 20 years experience in traditional medicine, I have also been lucky enough to work in some less traditional pharmacy settings. I am supporter of both traditional and alternative forms of medicine, which may sound funny coming from someone who peddles drugs for a living. I feel that there are many ways to support and treat the human body.

I have learned how to compound medications that are not commercially available and use nutritional supplements to support general health as well as replenish the body after treatments such as chemotherapy. These eventually led to an introduction into naturopathy, homeopathy, and eventually aromatherapy.

Through life’s ups and downs I have also learned that chiropractic adjustment and massage therapy can prove invaluable to support the body during times of stress, whether that comes from everyday life or “traditional medical treatment” of an underlying disease. I am convinced that making healthy food choices and moderate exercise are two of the most important things we can do to keep our bodies at their best.

People today have become increasingly dependent on seeing the doctor for a prescription at the first sign of a sniffle. They want a pill to make it go away and the “go to” drugs are antibiotics. This has put stress on the practitioners to “treat” something that the human body may have been able to fight off on its own and was probably not bacterial in nature anyway. As you know, colds and flus are viral, which has led to monumental overprescribing of antibiotics and antibiotic resistance. While all those prescriptions certainly help me pay my bills, I’m not sure they’re always the best things for our bodies.

So the next time you feel a cold coming on, maybe you don’t need that prescription after all and you can find a more natural way to support your body in fighting it off. That is why I am devoting my Wednesdays to healthier living and alternative choices, as well as traditional medical practices.


3 thoughts on “Wellness Wednesday

  1. That’s so nice to hear that you are open to “alternative” ways of promoting wellness. I always think of western medicine as “modern” and the rest (in general) as traditional. I once read a book that said back in the early 1900’s in China families had one doctor to treat their whole family. They were paid annually based on the health of the family. Each time a family member got sick, the payment due at the end of the year was reduced. I thought that was interesting because the mindset was focused on promoting wellness and not just treating symptoms. I’m not a medical professional but as a mother of a young family and avid reader, I’ve read my fair share of leaflets in medication and generally research natural options to restore wellness whenever possible (so far it’s always been possible).

    I found you by doing a search for “wellness”. Glad I found you. I look forward to seeing more on this topic. Have a wonderful day!


    1. Thank you so much for the kind words and we’re so glad you enjoyed our post! Your story was fascinating and we can’t wait to learn more about that. We’ve been enjoying your blog this evening, and hope to provide more helpful wellness tips in our future posts!

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