Black Boots?

Remember last week’s Wardrobe Woes? The battle rages on…



Last night as I went to tuck PJ into bed I made the error of complimenting her on the lovely dress and sweater outfit she had put together to wear to school the next day.


I asked if she had picked out shoes yet. BIG MISTAKE! She hadn’t. I suggested black boots of which she has at least 3 pairs, thinking it would be a safe recommendation.


“I don’t think they’d look right,” she said.

“Which pair?” I asked.

“The black ones,” she said.

Trying to disarm the situation I sidestepped the boot issue and suggested her favorite black patent dress shoes.

“NO! They hurt my feet,” she declared, the decibels clearly rising.

I stupidly re-started the boot conversation.

“How about your tall black boots?” I said.


“They’re dirty,” she stated.

“No they’re not,” I said. “Daddy just polished them for you.”

“They’re DIRTY!” She practically shouted. “I had to walk to church in them!” (Probably up hill both ways in 3 feet of snow – but I wouldn’t know because she went to church with a friend)

“They’re just dusty. We’ll dust them off, “ I patiently replied.

“How about the short black ones with the chains?” she asked, brightening. (The aformentioned chains are much more noticeable in person than they seem in the photo above.)

Knowing it was now well past bed time and I needed to wrap up this discussion and get her into bed, I conceded. “Those might work, let’s try them in the morning,” I said, cringing at the image in my head.

She smiled, satisfied like she’d won this battle and agreed to go to sleep. At which point I made my third major mistake of the evening by thanking her for helping me complete my blog post. She was irate to say the least. “IS EVERYTHING I DO GOING TO BE ON YOUR BLOG?!!”

To which I responded with an irrepressible smile, “As long as it continues to be funny.”


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