Wardrobe Woes

My youngest daughter walked out of the house the other day in what I affectionately refer to as a “Real Wardrobe Winner”.


Which reminded me of the many stylish ensembles in her recent past. Apparently turning 8 means you are actually interested in what you wear to school, as long as the outfit includes denim shorts and/or boots.

It is obviously also the age when it is no longer acceptable to wear an outfit your mother picks out for you, even if the only objection you can come up with involves the color of the socks or underwear (yes, I said underwear). And we won’t even begin to discuss shoes because I NEVER get those right! While I’m happy that she’s discovering her own sense of fashion, I’m not sure that many of these outfits could be considered fashionable.


The exact opposite is true of my eldest daughter who, at ten, wears dresses to school almost every day not because they’re stylish but because that way she only has to pick out and put on one thing. She’s usually more interested in what is easiest and most comfortable. However she has been taking fashion baby steps recently by picking out a necklace to wear with her dress.


What I find hilarious is that if I were to show you pix of them both, you would probably make the incorrect assumption as to who is my budding fashion plate and who takes the easy way out. Some how my youngest equates “fashion” with clashing colors and ridiculous accessories, while my eldest always looks perfectly put together. But how difficult is it really when all you have to put on is a dress and shoes?

When PJ started showing an interest in what she wore on a daily basis I thought, “How sweet, my little girl is growing up”. But when I compared our spirited wardrobe wars discussions with the total lack interest shown by my oldest daughter, I decided maybe it’s less a function of age and more a function of two very distinct and different personalities.


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