How did you spend your Election Day evening? Probably, like my husband, toggling between every available news station trying to figure out the results before anyone else. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on the strength of your interest in the minutia of counting up votes), I had other issues on my plate.


I was reminded (after our girls had been put to bed for the night, of course) that we still didn’t have a gift for my 10-year-old daughter’s friend’s birthday party this Saturday. Among our 5th grade group, the Harry Potter series as well as HP-themed parties have become a pretty big deal over the past year. And (un)fortunately each time I have fully embraced this theme in choosing a gift for the birthday girl. So I frantically started the search for the perfect gift.


Why “frantically” you ask? After all, it’s 4 days away and you have plenty of time to go pick up a gift. While some of you realize we live in a small town, most of you probably don’t realize how small. I couldn’t just run out to the mall and have a myriad of stores available to fulfill my very specific purchase requirements. They’re all almost 2 hours away. The best my town has to offer is Arkansas’ own mega-retailer (you know the one I mean). Not exactly a lot of choices there for a Harry Potter-ophile. I could have ordered something online but unless that “Prime” internet retailer had it on hand, I couldn’t hope to get anything in the next 3 days without spending more on shipping than the gift.


Therefore at 9pm, I pulled my eldest daughter back out of bed to ask for her ideas on what to purchase for her friend. Mumbling somewhat incoherently in her sleepy daze, she gave me several ideas that were too expensive and difficult to find or impossible to bring to fruition in the limited time we have left before the event. So I tried quizzing her on her friend’s favorite Harry Potter character, preferred colors, etc.


I had an idea…


So there I sat at 11pm with the election results blaring in the background trying to design a t-shirt that Hermione Granger would be proud of. A shirt supporting an issue near and dear to Hermione’s heart but tragically left out of the movies. A shirt an avid reader of all things HP would immediately understand and appreciate while giving those non-reading movie goers something to think about. Hopefully our local t-shirt shop would take pity on me when they found me waiting bleary eyed in their parking lot the following morning with my scrap of paper in hand with my (not so) perfect sketch of the shirt that I envision.


I’ll keep you posted on my success or lack thereof.


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