Top Ten Best/Worst Things About Election Day

1. We will finally have a winner.2. A grateful end to all of the political ads.

3. A merciful end (or at least a decline) in all of the incessant facebook and twitter election memes.

4. You get to sport a stylish “I VOTED!” sticker all day – unless you voted early. In that case, you got to sport an “I VOTED EARLY” sticker weeks ago.

5. You always run into old friends you haven’t seen in ages and get to catch up with them while waiting to vote.

1. The winner may not be the candidate you wanted.2. You have to wait 4 more years before you can change things.

3. Having to stand in line if you didn’t vote early.

4. Having to listen to other people in line telling you who to vote for. And why.

5. “Hanging chads” and dead people voting.


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